Porridge Breakfast Bowl

You all know how much I love bread, but there are times when I feel the urge to eat something else for breakfast. It happens a lot in summer when I don’t bake that much sandwich bread anyway. My baking changes with the seasons, and in summer, when I grill nearly every day, I bake burger buns, flatbreads for stuffing, or the occasional twister to go with a salad.

It’s winter, and it should be rye bread season in my kitchen, but apparently my schedule is as messed up as the weather right now. It’s too warm, too wet, too muddy, and my grill is starting to grow moss under its cover. I miss summer. Maybe that’s why I felt the urge for a porridge bowl with fresh fruit.

When I make porridge, I make a big portion, prep the base for the whole work week in one go and stash it in the fridge in pint jars. It keeps well and travel is no issue that way. All it needs is a bit of fruit and a bit of crunch to go with it and you have a healthy and filling breakfast.

For 5 jars of porridge base you need:

  • 1 cup steel rolled oats (or other grains. I use a storebought mix of rolled wheat, oat, barley, rye and rice)
  • 2 cups water
  • generous pinch of salt
  • 2-3 apples
  • 1 kilo yogurt (I use turkish süzme, but greek is great as well)

For serving:

  • fruit of your choice, either fresh or frozen
  • something crunchy (granola, cocoa nibs, nuts, …)

Start with cooking the rolled grains in the salted water until they’re thickened and oozy. Takes about 5 minutes on low.

Meanwhile, drop the yogurt in a bowl and roughly grate the apples on top. Add the porridge when it’s done and mix everything. That’s it. Base done.

Now all you have to do is divide the porridge base into equal portions and stash those in the fridge for breakfast or whenever you want some. I had one for lunch today, and it’s soup saturday as I’m writing this.

As I said, weird times!

Btw, you can add a little bit of cocoa, cinnamon, or freeze dried fruit powders to the jars and mix it in. That way you can have a different one every day.

For serving, scoop the base into a bowl, add your fruit, and sprinkle with a bit of crunch. Enjoy 🙂

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