About me


coffee junkie, chocoholic, kindergarten teacher, metalhead, handywoman, home baker, cheese maker, spice enthusiast, tea drinker, photographer, traveller, author, novelty seeker, experimenter, book lover, nerd who needs to try everything at least once.

While the heavy metal section of this blog is mainly about other people’s trash that I rescue and resurrect, I’ve been a metalhead since my early teens, and music is a very important part of my life. There’s no bake day or metalworking day without a good playlist!

I also write books, so far always by accident. The first one was a collection of my mom’s and grandma’s recipes that I put together for my brothers, and things got so out of control, that I ended up with a self-published book.

The second one happened when I started to play with InDesign to give the first one an overhaul and simultaneously wanted to put all my recipes from a bread baking facebook group into one place.

currently out of print
overhauled edition and translation
in progress
available soon 🙂