Wild Garlic Paste

The season is short, so I have to get my grubby little hands on as much wild garlic as possible and preserve it for the rest of the year. It never lasts until the next season starts, but one can try. And having some is definitely better than having none during the off season.

My favorite way to preserve the wild garlic is to make a paste and freeze it in portions. That way I can use it in many different recipes like wild garlic buns, pasta or waffles.

All you need is wild garlic (washed, dried and de-stemmed) and a tiny bit of olive oil to keep things from clumping up too much. I like to use a stick blender or pestle and mortar to puree it, but mostly because I don’t have a food processor, which I think would work best. A blender only works with really big amounts, otherwise the blades throw everything to the sides and there’s nothing to puree within reach of the blades. Pestle and mortar need time and a bit of elbow grease. The stick blender works fine if you clean up the blades once or twice during the process.

Once the paste is done, I like to flash-freeze it in dollops on a bit of foil and then pack them into a freezer bag. Makes grabbing single portions really easy.

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