Iron Heart

Ebay is a dangerous place for me, my wallet, and my sanity. I love cast iron things, especially cake pans and antique waffle irons. The problem is, the more rusty and forlorn those pieces look, the stronger my urge to rescue them and bring them back to their glorious, dark shine.

Once revived, I use them again. I have about 20 ancient waffle irons and kicked nearly all my other cake pans out of the kitchen by now. Why? Because the cast iron ones bake so much better than the modern ones.

So, it happened again. I opened the ebay app on my phone and lo and behold, there was a really good looking heart shaped cake pan, very similar to the one that always hung in my grandma’s kitchen. Grandma’s was made from copper though and I remember the chocolate birthday cake she made for me in it. It was decorated with silver pearl sprinkles. I have no idea where Grandma’s cake pan ended up though.

As soon as I saw the cast iron one, I knew I had to have it. And I got it. The final bidding price wasn’t too bad either.

It didn’t even take much work to get it clean. A good scrubbing with hot soapy water and a nylon brush, plus a bit of 240grit sandpaper for the grooves did wonders. It took less than 5 minutes total.

I dried and pre-heated the pan on the grill, then brushed it with coconut oil on both sides, let the excess drip back into the oil jar, and baked it upside down for 30 minutes. The photo is right after making a mess with the first layer of oil.

This is after layer no.2 has been burned in:

I did 4 layers total. This is the cake pan after the last layer has had a chance to cool. It wipes completely clean, it’s done!

And tomorrow, it will get a test drive. I’m thinking chocolate cake ❤

Can’t wait!

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