Hi, whoever you are, I’m happy you found your way here. I hope you like my recipes and my cast iron rescue stories.

I have taken great care in developing and testing the recipes you find here, and while they work in my kitchen and with my ingredients, I cannnot guarantee that they will work in yours. There are too many variables I can‘t predict, including but not limited to typos, errors made by me or you, your baking ability, your ingredients, equipment, and differences in microbial life and temperatures in our kitchens.

If you encounter any difficulties with a recipe, please use the contact page and I‘ll do my best to help you.

Depending on your kitchen, rise times can be different. Depending on your oven or shaping, bake times can be different.

This blog won’t teach you how to bake a bread. I assume that you have at least a few yeast breads under your belt, are comfortable with the process, and know how to shape a bread before you dive headfirst into sourdough baking. If you ARE a complete beginner, please do some research first. There are some great youtube videos out there that can help you get comfortable with the process, where you can find out how a windowpane test works, where you can watch different shaping methods, etc.

I also assume that you use common sense in regards of food safety, kitchen safety, work safety and general safety. That means YOU are responsible to keep yourself from bodily harm in YOUR kitchen, YOUR workshop, and everywhere else. Use appropriate safety gear, be careful with knives and other sharp tools, don‘t use ingredients that look or smell funky, don‘t use things you‘re allergic to, be especially careful with raw eggs and poultry, and make sure your work area, hands and tools are clean. Just… be a responsible adult.

It’s YOUR job to make the appropriate decisions for you and your family. Not mine. I have my hands full with myself.

Take care 🙂